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Welcome To Woodnovate !

We offer customized furniture and artefacts.

Our Ethos

Why We Do What We Do

Recycled Materials

100% Natural and Renewable

At Woodnovate, we make sure that none of your old furniture gets wasted.

With the help of epoxy resin, we give it a completely new look that is unimaginable at first and also makes it stronger than ealier.

No Toxic Chemicals

Human-Ecosystem Equilibrium

The epoxy resin we use for our products is totally non-toxic. Woodnovate ensures total safety for their artists as well as their clients.

The furniture work and accessories is completely harmless.

Totally Customisable

All Matching Your Needs

Woodnovate gives their client a world full of choices customizing their furniture. We bring to you online furniture and accessories that is customizable right from scratch.

Glass Jars with Plants
Coffee Table Accessories
Wall Shelves