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Welcome To Woodnovate !

We offer customized furniture and artefacts.

Our Ethos

Why We Do What We Do

Recycled Materials

100% Natural and Renewable

At Woodnovate, we make sure that none of your old furniture gets wasted.

With the help of epoxy resin, we give it a completely new look that is unimaginable at first and also makes it stronger than ealier.

No Toxic Chemicals

Human-Ecosystem Equilibrium

The epoxy resin we use for our products is totally non-toxic. Woodnovate ensures total safety for their artists as well as their clients.

The furniture work and accessories is completely harmless.

Totally Customisable

All Matching Your Needs

Woodnovate gives their client a world full of choices customizing their furniture. We bring to you online furniture and accessories that is customizable right from scratch.

Glass Jars with Plants
Coffee Table Accessories
Wall Shelves
Wood Furniture

About Us

Our product line is uniquely handmade and sustainable. We know how to create a never seen before art as per your request and need and also reuse old house hold stuff and renovate it into a complete new gizmo. No need to throw your things away that might have sentimental values to you so say bye-bye to garage sales.

Are you finding a furniture market nearby ? Well you have a whole new place here to get your furniture online.

We're based in Delhi NCR and Hyderabad, India.

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