Epoxy Resin Clear Casting (16 kg)

Epoxy Resin Clear Casting (16 kg)


Woodnovate presents a Low odour, Solvent free, clear casting epoxy resin. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with various fillers to modify its appearance or behaviour.

Low color and low viscosity allow for bubble free, crystal clear castings ideal for art, wood furniture and hobby applications.

Woodnovate is the best place to get your supplies of epoxy resin online.

The 16kg clear casting Woodnovate epoxy resin pack comprises

of 12kg of resin and 4kg of hardener.


Characteristics of woodnovate epoxy resin :

  • High UV Resistance
  • Non Yellowing and Non Shrinking
  • Self Levelling
  • Excellent Clarity
  • Excellent air release
  • Low exotherms for large castings


Applications of woodnovate epoxy resin :

  • Table tops
  • Engineered countertops
  • Sealing Concrete
  • Clear Coat Surface


Typical Properties

  • Pot Life @30C    6-8 hours
  • Tack Free              24 hours
  • Hard to Touch     48 hours
  • Full Cure                 7 days


Our Location :

We'll be supplying from Delhi NCR and Hyderabad, India.

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